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Wi-Fi as a Service

Servicepark WiFi as a Service is a subscription-based service model that combines (1) infrastructure, (2) software, and (3) managed services. We have got an expert level team to design and install large-scale wireless networks by using Ekahau, HPE Aruba and Faraday products. We can easily design and install a high-performing and secure WiFi networks.


Our subscriptions model includes


We can offer all of the hardware and equipment, such as access points and switches.


We use Faraday Edge centralised network management and HPE Aruba Central software tools that include real-time visibility, customised captive portal, presence analytics, and location-based analytics.

Managed Services

24/7 remote monitoring and troubleshooting of configuration issues, executive dashboards. Firmware upgrades and advanced options such as onsite support SLAs and application-level bandwidth controls/analytics.

Most importantly, you can pay a service fee as a monthly Turkish Lira.

Wi-fi Features & Services Standart Gold Platinium Asset
Smart Login  
SMS Login  
Visitor profiling  
Campaign and Ad Reporting  
Campaign and Advertising Services  
Voucher Code Login  
5651 Logging  
Static and Rule Based Black List  
Subscriber Specific Internet Access Plan  
Usage Dashboard  
Captive Portal  
Log-in Screen Design  
Creating Surveys and Ads on the Portal  
Sub Admin Privileges  
Wi-Fi Analytics Reports    
Presence Analysis    
Heat Map    
Visitor Map    
Location Map      
Fence Management      
Asset Monitoring      
Asset Management      
Asset Reporting