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Multi-Factor Authentication As a Service

Secure Your Company Credentials and Data with the Most Affordable MFA Solution

A lot of businesses are shopping for MFA solutions. These are the areas where AuthPoint wins when compared to other options in the market.

Cost-effective price structure per user instead of per token or feature

There are no hidden fees with AuthPoint. Your customers get access to all the features and complete MFA protection including mobile authentication, web portal, employee logons, VPN, and more, for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day.

Easy to install, easy to use

To activate AuthPoint MFA, all you need to do is follow a five-step sequence in WatchGuard Cloud and you are ready to configure users. IT or technical support not required. Other authentication solutions require a complex configuration/deployment process, which demands hours of IT training.

Cloud-based and hassle free

AuthPoint was designed to be a simple, intuitive, and centralized MFA solution that can be fully managed in the WatchGuard Cloud. The user interface allows users to view AuthPoint reports and alerts, configure services, and manage tokens all from one location.

Bonus Cloud feature – Dark Web Scan

The Dark Web Scan feature in WatchGuard Cloud is a partner favorite when it comes to demand generation. Use this tool to elevate your sales cycle by reaching prospects and customers with real data about breaches that have exposed company domains on the dark web. 

Risk-based authentication included at no extra cost 

AuthPoint’s risk features allow you to customize the policy objects based on customer needs by protecting resources per policy with specific authentication requirements. Risk authentication is also an important step towards zero-trust adoption as it gives solution providers more power to enhance identity and user protection. The best part? Unlike many MFA competitors, AuthPoint does not charge extra for adding risk features.

Windows and macOS protection

AuthPoint protects both Windows and macOS authentications. And if Internet connection is not available, users have the OTP feature already available or they can generate a new one using the QR Code reader. macOS logon protection is not always covered with other MFA solutions. And if they do, the cost per user/per month will likely increase.