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IT professional services is a very broad category that covers the provision of specialised technology-related services to companies, allowing customers to focus on core business concerns. Servicepark professional services range from providing expert advice to hand-on activities like implementing software or hardware in a customer’s data center or in the cloud. These services are being offered at a fixed price, or even using the subscription model.


  • Advisory Services: Advisory services are offered by Servicepark and are focused on providing technology strategy, regulatory and compliance issues, IT risk management and controls, sourcing advice, and cost optimization. They also sometimes offer advice regarding new technology selection.


  • Product Implementation and Installation Services: Implementation services are hands-on services where the firm understands requirements to meet business goals, building an implementation plan software installation and configuration, customisation, testing, system integrations with existing software systems, user training, and perhaps maintenance.


  • Custom Development Services: Custom development services provide for the creation of hardware and software applications for specific groups of users.