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Firewall as a Service

Servicepark delivers Firewall products as a service to the customers. Actually, it is a physical firewall appliance on the customer site, yet Servicepark is in charge of the Firewall product. With this technology, an organization’s sites are connected to a single firewall with a unified application-aware security policy.

Firewall as a Service (FWaaS) takes advantage of advances in software and cloud technologies, to deliver a wide range of network security capabilities on-demand wherever businesses need, including URL filtering, network forensics, and infection prevention. This allows comprehensive security policy to be enforced on WAN and Internet traffic, for fixed location and mobile users.



Compared to traditional firewalls, FWaaS improves scalability, provides unified security policy, improves visibility, and simplifies management. These features allow an organization to spend less time on repetitive tasks such as patching and upgrades and provides the responsive scalability to fast-changing business requirements. Maintenance is belonged to Servicepark. Also, there is no initial investment cost for the service.

You can pay the service fee as a monthly United States Dollar.

Firewall Features & Services Gold Silver Bronze
Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS)
App Control
Gateway AntiVirus
Reputation Enabled Defense (RED)
Network Discovery
APT Blocker
Data Loss Protection (DLP)
Threat Detection & Response
Access Portal*
Dimension Command
WatchGuard Cloud Visibility
Data Retention
30 Days 1 Day
Servicepark Support**
Servicepark Management Service Gold Silver Bronze
Policy Management
İnterface Management
VPN Management
Firewall User Management
Route And NAT Management
Firewall Backup Management

*Access Portal ve IntelligentAV servisleri sadece “M” serisi cihazlarda verilebilmektedir.

**Cihaz parça dahil koruyucu bakım ücrete dahil

**Cihaz arızası durumunda Istanbul içi 1 gün içinde cihaz değişimi

**Cihaz arızası durumunda Istanbul dışı 3 gün içinde cihaz değişimi